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Beginner Kayaking Tips for First-Time Paddlers

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Beginner Kayaking Tips for First-Time Paddlers

Kayaking is undoubtedly a relaxing thing you can do in your leisure time. Along with some crucial equipment, you need proper knowledge about this game. Are you new to kayaking? If yes, don’t get into the water without knowing the following facts. In this article, so we have shared our real-life experiences while kayaking. Let’s get started.

Proper wearing: Proper clothing matters a lot in kayaking. If it is summertime, you also need some clothing for kayaking. Hypothermia is a great problem in kayaking and proper clothes can save you from this. You should wear a life vest, a supportive swimsuit or sports bra, water shoes, et. To protect your eyes from sunlight, you can wear a sun hat and polarized sunglasses. If it is raining, don’t forget to wear a lightweight rain jacket.

Sitting position: for kayaking for a long time, you should follow proper instructions even while sitting. You should sit back straight, keeping your knee a bit bent. The sitting position should be comfortable and keeping your feet on the footpegs is crucial for that. Keep your knees outward and touch the side tightly. This position will give you more stability.

How to transport: If you are a beginner, our suggestion is to rent a kayak. Don’t buy a kayak for the first time. You can rent from the kayaking spots. If you want to go there with a kayak on the roof of the car, make sure that you are doing this with the help of a person. Don’t carry the kayak yourself. It may cause serious injury.

Other Kayaking Essentials: Along with a kayak and clothing, you should take so many things in your backpack while going on a kayak. You should take a reusable water bottle full of fresh drinking water. You have to keep your skin protected and the best way is to take sunscreen and lip balm with SPF. If you are going for hours on the water, keep some snakes in your backpack. Besides, you can hang all your stuff using a carabineer.

The above instructions will help you to enjoy your kayaking day a lot, even for the very first time. So, try to follow all the tips and take all the essential stuff with you.


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